Honami Clinic

Internal medicine, Paediatrics & Allergy clinic

Hospital Director

Dr. Mayumi Mizuno


Naeshiro-cho 28-5,
Mizuho ku,
Tel: 052-819-0022

Part-time job opportunities

We are currently recruiting nurses who can work part-time in our clinic
Please telephone us for details.

Bon Holidays

August 9usual surgery hours
August 10CLOSED
August 11CLOSED
August 12CLOSED
August 13CLOSED
August 14CLOSED
August 15CLOSED
August 16CLOSED
August 17CLOSED
August 18usual surgery hours

As a primary care doctor,

Whatever your age and no matter how minor your concern may be, we strive to explain in a way you fully understand.

Pamphlet download

You can download Honami clinic pamphlet (PDF format) here
Please click here.