Medical practice
Professional Partnerships

At this clinic, in addition to general practices such as internal medicine and pediatrics, we also offer the following services

Whatever your age and no matter how minor your concern may be, we strive to explain in a way you fully understand.


  • If you are a patient attending a major hospital, where symptoms are stable and you wish to receive same medication from a local clinic
  • If you are someone who may not have the opportunity to receive a regular health check, e.g. Housewives and freelance professionals
  • If you wish your children to have inoculations, a medical check up or an influenza inoculation
  • If you suffer from hay fever or asthma(Adult and child) as well as atopic dermatitis etc
  • If you have symptoms such as itching, eczema, skin irritations and athlete’s foot, nettle rash etc
  • If you wish to have an ophthalmic examination due to chronic disease, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • If you are seeking a second opinion.

Introduction of an appropriate medical specialist

After evaluating your condition,, we can immediately make professional referrals to the following medical specialists according to your requirements.

This clinic has medical partnership with the following institutions

  • Nagoya Daini red cross Hospital
  • Holy Spirit Hospital
  • Minami Medical Health Cooperation
  • Nagoya City University Hospital
  • Social Insurance Chukyo Hospital
  • Aichi Cancer Center
  • Higashi Municipal Hospital
  • Nagoya University Hospital